Health Engagement Programs for Long-Term Well-Being

Health Engagement Programs for Long-Term Well-Being

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Health Engagement Programs for Long-Term Well-Being

CME Georges Rehbane was recently a guest on Dubai TV’s HathaAlSabah program.

Georges talked about Health Engagement Programs, sharing insights and information for every organization to consider. He also touched on the pressing importance of ensuring employees’ physical and mental well-being and the growing need for companies to encourage a healthier lifestyle culture. Georges also elaborated on the role of INGO Health, explaining how companies can engage their people and ultimately achieve organizational health and well-being objectives. Watch the full interview between Georges and Dubai TV and learn more about this topic.

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INGO Health is a comprehensive health engagement program. It is an innovative and effective solution for companies to drive healthier lifestyles for their employees and rebuild a shared culture, while keeping an eye on the program’s social and financial impact.

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