CME At Leveraging Lebanon for Outsourcing in US

CME At Leveraging Lebanon for Outsourcing in US


CME At Leveraging Lebanon for Outsourcing in US

CME CEO Wissam Youssef joins “Leveraging Lebanon for Outsourcing in US” roundtable hosted by US Embassy of Lebanon in Washington. Wissam highlighted the country’s appeal as a preferred outsourcing destination for US companies and that Lebanon boasts a skilled workforce and is well-positioned to become a leading premium outsourcing hub regionally and internationally.

Beirut, Lebanon – 27 July 2021: CME, a multinational technology consulting firm, has participated in an exclusive roundtable and matchmaking event hosted by the US Embassy of Lebanon in Washington DC, USA. During the virtual session, titled “Leveraging Lebanon for Outsourcing in US”, Wissam Youssef, CME’s CEO, talked about how the Lebanese market is uniquely positioned to become a competitive player at the regional and international levels – driven in part by the skilled workforce within its geographic boundaries.  

The event provided a platform for attendees to discuss potential outsourcing scenarios that could stem from the country in due course, emphasizing the benefits that await US outsourcing firms should they leverage the Lebanese market to meet their objectives and commitments moving forward. 

“The main advantage of the Lebanese outsourcing ecosystem ties into two crucial factors: the multidisciplinary workforce and the fact that people in Lebanon are problem solvers by nature,” said Youssef. “The roundtable enabled us to showcase this and many other advantages, encouraging US companies and businessmen and women to leverage the country’s talent pool for outsourcing purposes. Being presented with the opportunity to be involved at the event as a speaker was one that I accepted gratefully, and I encourage more US businesses to explore the possibilities and potential that can transpire by utilizing the Lebanese market for outsourcing.” 

Lebanon ranks among the top 25 countries worldwide when it comes to digital skills and fourth for Math and Science education. The country is also favorably positioned in terms of enterprise grade application services for industries that require domain knowledge as much as technical expertise, such as healthcare, energy, fintech, insurance, market research. On the other hand, the talent pool serves as a key advantage because outsourcing firms can tap into a skilled workforce that is highly educated, multilingual, and cost-competitive, collectively representing a top consideration for outsourcing destinations.  

Additionally, certain legalities also position Lebanon as an ideal outsourcing destination. Lebanese companies, especially larger organizations, have local offices and facilities in countries from where they head their operations, which provide peace of mind for customers when it comes to the legal framework. Operating within the same legal frameworks facilitate prudent customer relations, and this applies to areas including intellectual property, compliance, and regulations.  

In collaboration with the International Trade Council, LebNet, Global Lebanese Investors, and the Asher Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship – ACIE, the roundtable successfully highlighted these advantages and connected potential US investors with outsourcing companies operating in Lebanon. It also promoted Lebanon as a key investment destination in a multitude of important fields, including IT development, IT services, call centers, contracting, pharmaceutical, media, marketing, and more.  

Wissam Youssef was also joined by several other panelists who featured during the agenda: Dr. Abdallah Nassereddine, Economic Attaché, and HE. Mr. Wael Hachem, Chargé D’Affaires (both US Embassy of Lebanon); Ranjani Rangan, Honorary Chairperson, SEA, International Trade Council; Jacque Sarraf, Chairman of the Board, Malia Holding Group; George Kadifa, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Sumeru Equity Partners; Tarek Fadel, CEO and Founder, Fadel; Elie Akhrass, Director, USEK; Dr. Tristan Evans, Director of Government Affairs, International Trade Council.  

About CME 

CME is known for their premium world-class services and solutions, leveraging advanced designs and cutting-edge technologies. The company has helped over 100 clients worldwide, including top US Fortune 500 companies, to become and remain leaders in their fields. CME’s teams of highly skilled engineers, creative thinkers, and industry-specific experts from seven locations across the globe have delivered more than 250 innovative projects. To date, they have also served over 80 million users and contributed to eight US Patents.

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