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Student Information System


This is a unique opportunity to shape what your next Student Information System would be like. By joining the SIS Initiative program, you get access to a modern, purpose-built Student Information System that delivers meaningful outcomes for you; simply because it’s made by you, for you.

Created through the lens of real users
Envisioned by education stakeholders and continuously improved through the SIS Initiative program, the solution offers students, faculty, and administrative staff a range of innovative features and tools they have long desired.
Designed for a next-gen experience
With intuitive, consumer-grade interfaces, SIS delivers the experience and timely services your Gen-Z audience expects. Its high human-focused standards and efficiency will spread unparalleled velocity across your whole organization.
Enables business model innovation
Built with modern technology and leading software practices, SIS solves today’s problems and offers the flexibility to grow, create services, expand partnerships, and embrace the excitement of the future!
The SIS Initiative Program
We highly value co-creating a solution that works for education stakeholders and gives back to the community. Through the SIS Initiative program, partners have the opportunity to shape the product roadmap and incorporate additional services they deem necessary for the solution's success. Furthermore, part of the revenue is rechanneled for students’ financial support.

Four Core Modules

  • Manage the institution’s structure
  • Manage programs and courses
  • Set the academic calendars per country
  • Define cohorts and their catalogs
  • Control campuses, buildings, floors, and classes
  • Manage students, including customizable student file
  • Define customizable user permissions and collaboration
  • Schedule courses with smart timetabling
  • Match grading schemes with course
  • Monitor teacher workload
  • Coordinate across campuses and institutions
  • Detect classes, teachers, and students’ conflicts
  • Slice and merge activities for resources optimization


Schedule by:

  • Cohort
  • Course
  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Class
  • Enroll students in cohorts 
  • Enroll students in instances 
  • Create events as part of each course evaluation  
  • Detect exam scheduling conflicts 
  • Perform data entry and validation for grades 
  • Track student progress and transcript generation  
  • Support internal/external transfer and handle courses equivalences
  • Graduate students from cohorts

Making smart use of the vast amount of data collected through the SIS: 

  • Financial 
  • Student success 
  • Admissions and enrollments 
  • Faculty and staff 
  • Facilities and resources
Screenshot from SIS platform interface on desktop. SIS is a Student Information System developed by CME
Mobile screenshot of the SIS platform (Student Information System) developed by CME
Student Mobile Portal

Courses enrollment per semester


Self-enrollment into courses

Student profile

  • Personal information
  • Cohorts progress


  • Transfer approved
  • Class cancellation
  • Grades published

Embedded Capabilities

We make sure that the core system brings advanced solutions for long-standing problems; here are just a few to get you started, but more is on the way!

Data Governance
  • Centralized data across the organization 
  • Customizable reporting and decision-making tools 
  • Student comprehensive view from the application to graduation and post-graduation 
  • Multi-language interfaces, including Arabic
  • Multiple time zones, calendars, and campuses
  • Caters for non-credit configuration
  • Country-specific requirements for institutional accreditations and compliance
Documents Management
  • Embedded Content Management System 
  • Stores and facilitates the management of legal documents and courses material
Advanced Cohort Concept
  • A cohort is a set of students with a specific catalog, calendar, campus, and rules
  • Segregates different program instances and facilitates program tracking, students’ transfer, graduation, and more!
Flexible Rules Engine
  • Embedded Smart N-Level rules engine, dynamically manages rules and exceptions across all modules
  • Controls cohort enrollment, graduation, and courses enrollment
Smart Scheduler
  • Scheduling execution from class, course, cohort, teacher, and student perspectives
  • Integrable robust AI-based smart timetabling system
Flexible Course Composition
  • Slicing and merging academic activities
  • Merging student groups for a set of lectures
  • Assigning different teachers to different lectures
  • Solving complex graduation scenarios
Programs & Courses Sharing
  • Secure sharing of programs, cohorts, activities, and instances with partner institutions
Space Management
  • Dedicated Space Management feature with campus structure, organization, institution booking
  • Conflict detection for classes, sessions, and exam


A Worry-Free Technology

SIS is built using open-source technology while maintaining Microsoft compatibility.
It leverages the Cloud and micro-services to provide scalable, secure, and economical technology.


SIS efficiently integrates with your existing IT systems and services, such as LMS, CRM, collaboration tools, and ERP.


As SIS is built using open-source technology, the solution doesn’t require any additional licenses.


SIS is a safe and reliable cloud platform that offers efficiency and cost-effectiveness, with the option of a hybrid or on-premises solution.


We ensure data is cleansed and imported to SIS for seamless continuity.


We offer ready-to-use software with exceptional customization capabilities, including the option for white labeling.


Our team’s engineers and software experts are your point of contact.

“SIS is a comprehensive, cost-effective system that provides an exceptional user experience and a wide variety of innovative functionalities.”

Dr. Dany Mezher Rector’s Advisor for IT Affairs Université Saint Joseph (Lebanon, United Arab Emirates)

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