A Newfound Research Panel With A Native Mobile App

A Newfound Research Panel With A Native Mobile App

Our Client is one of the world’s leading data and evidence-based market research companies that provides insights and actionable recommendations to organizations across the globe.


Driven by an overarching commitment to help organizations succeed, our Client inspires, informs, and works together with organizations across various industries, creating strategies that improve brand awareness, attract more consumers, increase brand penetration, ensure financial success, and develop people’s confidence in public services.

Our Client’s proprietary double opt-in research panel enables organizations’ customers to take surveys and offer real-time feedback that helps to shape future products and services. The company envisioned the transformation of the research panel into a native app, with newfound user experiences and targeting capabilities. CME was tasked with providing the research company with an engineering team that would oversee and deliver the research panel mobile development based on a comprehensive staff augmentation engagement model.



Moving To A Scalable,
Native Solution

To improve their capabilities and impact, our Client planned to develop a new mobile app to replace the former web-based application research panel. The effectiveness and appeal of the new app would meet the expectations of a digitally advanced market, embrace new technologies and evolve with future business requirements.


Advanced Targeting

Reaching out to target audiences, ascertaining their opinions regarding specific topics, and ultimately shaping future products are key success factors to research panel. The new app would improve data collection, broaden the database, and utilize analytics to present users with the opportunities best suited to them.


Finding The Right Partner
Who Can Deliver

Improving mobile user experiences and overcoming the abovementioned challenges was by no means a simple feat. Several objectives were overarching priorities, which collectively required proactive and productive external support. Therefore, identifying a partner with the experience, expertise, and resources to overcome every pressing aspect and deliver success was essential.

What We Did

Migrating webpages to native

We proceeded to transition the web-view service to an iOS and Android native application that offers a new mobile user experience and empowers customers. The transition started by a quick MVP win that provided simultaneous benefits such as faster loading times, seamless accessibility, simple and convenient verification and login.

Behavioral driven development

We adopted the BDD methodology as required by our Client. We implemented a comprehensive scrum framework that served as an underlying foundation for continuous, incremental service delivery that engaged customers, facilitated quick feedback, and provided continuous integration. The delivery of new releases and features every two weeks enabled users to test them and provide valuable inputs. Through this agile approach, we ensured behavioral-driven development to meet every requirement.

Automated testing and quality control

Quality testing was another primary objective. Integrating automated processes on the mobile application elevated quality control, ensured product stability, reduced regression issues, and provided better time and resources allocation. Feature file review covering all scenarios and automated test cases preceded the coding phase, automating the testing through Appium was an effective approach.

Fraud detection

We empowered the user verification process with the ability to detect any fraudulent use of the app. At the same time, we aimed to validate individual browsers and device languages and make sure that IPs were not blacklisted. This aspect of the approach strengthened the process integrity and ensured panelists authenticity.

User’s targeting and push notifications

With support from an extensive database, information gathered highlighted people’s interests and the right opportunities were subsequently provided through push notifications sent to panelists whenever relevant survey opportunities matched their profile.

Monitoring instrumentation

We added analytics, instrumentation, and monitoring tools to easily detect any problem and identify any abnormal behaviors in the most proactive way. This enabled early investigation and issues fixing in a timely manner with the necessary capacities achieved to plan ahead and meet requirements, resulting in high satisfaction rates.

The impact

+140% average new installs

+140% average
new installs

The native migration yielded a host of positive outcomes. The transformation introduced users to newfound experiences and product stability that instigated higher engagement. New installs increased by a monthly average +140%, users’ loss rate decreased by 12%, with crash-free rate exceeding 99%.

Less waste and higher reliability

Less waste and higher reliability

The new fraud detection process eliminated false panelist accounts, resulting in substantial saving in terms of fraudulent remuneration and improving the reliability and credibility of the research panel.

Faster time-to-market


With this new vision, effortless adaptation and fast expansion to new markets were achieved. The new research panel enabled our Client to further strengthen its position and develop its footprint in Australia, France, Germany, Canada, and the UK.

Seamless augmented team

augmented team

Today, the augmented team provided by CME operates as part of the Client’s development team. We swiftly adapted to the Client’s requirements, methodologies and working hours. The team comprises a project manager, iOS and Android developers, quality assurance specialists, backend engineers, and database administrators.

CME Customers

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Long-Standing Customer Relationships

We aspire to create a holistic and goal-oriented long-term relationship with our partners. This approach allows us to have deep-rooted industry and company knowledge and connections.

Our clients’ list is our pride and joy. Since our earliest days, we have served everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies with the same dedication and partnership approach.

9 out of 10 customers have been working with us for more than 5 years.

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